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The 2nd Kabuki Visiting

Field trip program to Kabuki village, Akagi on Nov.21-22, 2009

We are pleased to announce the 2nd field trip to a Kabuki village.

Date: November 21-22, 2009

Place: Akagi, Shibukawa city, Gumma Prefecture

Cultural Site: Kamimiharada Kabuki Stage

We welcome you to the most exciting authentic Kabuki theater called gKamimiharada Kabuki Stageh built in 1819 in Edo-period which has the oldest rotating stage that exists in Japan today. This is the theater first designated by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as an Important Tangible Folk-Cultural Property for its historical importance.

The operating technique of the stage is remarkable. It takes approximately 80 local people in total in the backstage, including the attic and the underground pit. In Kamimiharada, the Kabuki is not just a traditional but a living art which bonds the villagers of all generations. Until recently, the backstage operating technique has been passed on strictly to the first son of the local families in Kamimiharada. However, this year, as the first attempt of the village, participants in our program will have an exclusive opportunity to enter the backstage. We all get to know the operation of its elaborate structure.

It has been a big challenge for small villages to preserve and pass on their traditions such as Kabuki plays to the next generations. Kamimiharada is, however, an unremarkable exception of such a crucial situation. It is a pressing issue for all of us to support them and learn from them how the culture is to be passed on for our own future.

At the end of the program, a diploma will be awarded by the Kamimiharada Stage Operation Succession Association for your contribution to the local Kabuki. The object of the program is to offer an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the local peoplefs deep affection and ardent spirit towards their own local traditional culture.

Why donft you visit the local Kabuki and the traditionally valuable stage of Kamimiharada in Akagi, Gumma? Please contact us for the details at info.at.kabukifilm.com.