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Kabuki Visiting is a field trip program to the sites of local Kabuki in small villages in Japan. The program includes appreciation of local Kabuki plays (some of them are often performed by children actors), backstage tour, reception party with the local people, introductory guidance of Kabuki, homestay experience in local families, local foods, etc.

The biggest advantage of this program is that you can have access to the local community and local Kabuki sites that could not be readily accessed alone or via any travel agencies. Communication with the local people on the cultural sites and in their own home (not hotel or inn) will surely enable you to touch the depth of the Japanese culture rooted in the local people’s life.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that field trips to Kabuki villages provide unique and splendid learning opportunities. It is also a unique way to contribute to the society whose precious culture needs to be handed on to the next generations.

We believe our field trip program:

・brings you firsthand experience of a diversity of Japanese cultures that have long been preserved in villages
・opens up the relationship between urban people and local communities
・contributes to the preservation of Japanese local cultures on the verge of vanishing

Our mission is to:

・support local villages facing with difficulties in sustaining their own assets
・develop better awareness on the importance of culture
・work as a catalyst between societies in the field of culture, life and education

We promise that you:

・have access to the local communities that could not be readily accessed alone or via any travel agencies
・are guided to the depth and essence of the Japanese culture
・go through unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience
・are able to take part in certain roles in preservation of the precious cultural assets

We operate this program:

・in cooperation with official Kabuki associations in villages
・with volunteers’ help from local communities
・with contributions of volunteers from Tokyo area dedicated to our mission
・with the expenses covered by your participation fee in the program