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Saturday, September 12, 2009 Program: Kanjincho


Kanjincho is truly the most popular Kabuki program. The story and the characters are well known in Japan. Fans love famous highlights in the play such as gyomiage (reading the subscription list from a blank scroll)h, gyamabushi-mondo (questions and answers about Buddhist monks)h, gennenn-no-mai (dance)h, gtobi-roppo (leaping exit on the Hanamichi)h. Besides the highlights, you will also find each characterfs profound minds and spirits through their acts at each moment during the play.

Koshiro has acted as Benkei more than 1,000 times for over 50 years. Benkei has been successfully acted by the three generations of Koshiro family, that is, Koshiro VII, VIII and IX. A son of Koshiro, Somegoro acts as Yoshitsune and Kichiemon, while his brother acts as Togashi-Saemon.