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KABUKI Tasting is a program we organize every month until next April when Kabuki-za theater closes for rebuilding.

Kabuki-za is a theater of Japanese classical Nara and Momoyama architecture style. When you visit Kabuki-za, you can enjoy the gorgeous classical architecture of the theater as well as the plays performed there.

This program is intended to provide an opportunity to spread knowledge and experience with respect to the Japanese traditional culture, especially Kabuki, which expresses Japanese heart sunk deep into Japanese people for many generations.

Each program includes the following sections:
1. Watching a Kabuki play or some in the Makumi-seki (casual single show seat) area; and
2. Free conversation in a restaurant or a bar after watching the play

The play will be selected so that a beginner of Kabuki can easily appreciate.
During the play, an optional English earphone guide lent by the Kabuki-za is available that explains each scene and the lines spoken right on the stage, and at the same time, we are also ready to help you follow the story prior to and/or during the play.
A certificate will be issued if this is the first time for you to watch a Kabuki play.

Kabuki ticket fee: around 500 to 1,500 yen (depending on the performance)
[Option] Official earphone guide fee: 500 yen (+1,000 yen as a deposit to be refunded after use)
Restaurant or bar charge (approx. 4,000 yen per person)