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Once There were Kabuki Actors all over Japan

In 2004, the Gumma prefectural government held a gKabuki Seminar for Childrenh in Minakami town, an event intended to pass on the local traditional arts to the next generations. Even after the seminar, the children would not stop playing Kabuki, and they thereafter continued to take Kabuki lessons on their own will.

Four years later, the first Minakami Kabuki Performance was conducted on June 29, 2008. Kiyotayu TAKEMOTO, 73, a Kabuki Gidayu reciter, who rarely acts on those stages other than in the Shochiku Great Kabuki theater such as Kabuki-za theater in Ginza, Tokyo, visited Minakami town to make a guest appearance for the local child actors. He has given his own life to Gidayu reciting for half a century and has been loved and respected by actors such as Kanzaburo and Kichiemon. What message did he extend to the child actors?

A day of miracle when the gCentral Kabukih met the gLocal Kabukih.

Title: Konnichiwa Kabuki ~KIYOTAYU TAKEMOTO Goes to Minakami
Director: Kaori NODA@@@@Staff Member: Koichi OJIRI
2008/Video/Color/35 minutes
Cast: Kiyotayu TAKEMOTO/ Kyosho MIMASU/ Members of Minakami Kabuki Preservation Society/
Gumma Local Arts Supporters Association